Friday, February 11, 2011

Gentle Facial Scrub

Just a quick pop in to wish everyone a happy, relaxing weekend and to share my recipe for the gentle facial scrub I mentioned in my last post.  A couple of people showed some interest so I thought I would share it.  Okay, here's the ingredients list:

1/2 cup finely ground oats
1/8 cup liquid glycerin soap
1/4 cup liquid vegetable glycerin
1 tbsp. sweet almond oil (sunflower oil would also work)
1 tsp finely ground almonds
1/4 tsp grapefruit seed extract (natural preservative)
1/4 tsp vitamin E oil
few drops of lavender

Really, the gathering of the ingredients is the most time consuming step.  After that, you just mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, add the essential oil and blend.  Spoon into a jar.  When you first make this, the mixture is kind of runny.  Don't worry.  Just wait a day or two.  The mixture will thicken to quite a nice consistency.  To use it, I just wet my face, scoop out a little bit of the scrub and smooth it over my face.  That's it.

The scrub can be made without the grapefruit seed extract.  It will just have a shorter shelf-life.  With the grapefruit seed extract, the shelf-life is 1-2 months.  I like to use this each night so this amount will definitely be used before it expires.  

And because I like to include a photo, here's some lip balm that I made this afternoon.  Did I mention I have become slightly obsessed with this whole business?


  1. Glad you're obsessed with this--I can live vicariously with you. Thanks so much for sharing the scrub recipe! I now know what I want to do tomorrow morning:) Happy Weekend!

  2. I'm obsessed with this whole business too. We've just finished making some salve. Can't wait to get my lip balm tubes. Love that picture. And...the recipe sounds great.

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    Lip balms now've been busy!!

  4. i just love handmade, homemade beauty products - it's completely amazing how nature gives us everything we need to keep ourselves looking nice. Good on you for making such lovely stuff. And, YUM - lip balm! I have an absolute lip balm addiction!!


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