Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lip Blings

There are many things that make me happy about making and selling my soap.  One, I get to make  a lot of soap.  Two, I love how my hands smell after a soap making session.  Right now, they smell like a blend of palmarosa, ylang ylang and lemon essential oils and rose petals.  Three,  lately, I have been hearing myself say, "Thank you.  I do make good soap."  Too often, in the past, self-doubt has reared its ugly, smelly head.  And finally, selling my soap has opened the door to many new friendships.  Writing this blog initially opened the doors to a community I didn't realized existed.  Unfortunately, it wasn't necessarily local.  Once I began attending craft shows, I met others in my local community who share a passion for hand made goodness.

Some of these meetings resulted in contacts.  A few have resulted in friendships.  And a couple have developed into good friendships where we sit around a table drinking coffee, comfortably sharing ideas and parts of our lives.   And one has resulted in a collaboration.  Let me introduce you to Lip Blings.

Lip Blings were born from a mutual admiration.  Shawne Bennett is the talented maker behind Necks to Nature.  In her designs, she combines a whimsical nature with a little touch of vintage-y goodness.  I was an admirer before we had even met.  Recently, we realized how cute one of her blossom rings looked on one of my lip butters and Lip Blings were born.  Our Valentine Lip Bling is a Chocolate Lip Butter with a Cherry or Vanilla blossom ring.    

Who would have guessed that even lip butter likes pretty rings?


  1. I'm in love...these are GORGEOUS! What an excellent combination and a lovely, original idea...I'd definately buy one of those from a market if I happened to be strolling through. I hope they are successful for both of you!

  2. Loooove them! They are just too sweet. Perfect for Valentines Day-my sweet daughter would love something like that.

  3. darling! Now I may need to go slip the ring of hers I have on a lip butter of yours:) It's not chocolate, but it'll still be cute. Great collaboration.


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