Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Home Again

We have returned from a family vacation.  We visited my parents who decided to join the ranks of the "snow birds" and spend the winter in Florida.  I had heard tell of such snowbirding activity but didn't really understand it.  Well, after spending two weeks in Florida in the middle of February, I get it.  Here are a few highlights.

It was good to see that the magic of "It's a Small World" and Peter Pan and friends was not lost on our Star Wars-loving boys.

New York City built from Lego Blocks

Cocoa Beach, Florida

While away, our crazy little guy celebrated his 6th birthday.

Before we left, I swore that we would return home dressed appropriately for the Canadian weather, not like those silly people you see  in the airport returning  from south dressed for the warm weather they just left behind.  Well, two weeks is a long time, certainly long enough to forget that it is still February in Canada.  While we were not dressed in flip flops and shorts and I was not sporting braids in my hair (feel free to kick me if you should ever see me emulating Bo Derek), we were not prepared for the welcome that February had planned for us.  We were the silly family running across the tarmac in short sleeves as the sleet coated our hair.  I have to admit the grey skies and sleet put us in a bit of a funk for awhile yesterday but today finds us settling in to our normal days once again.


  1. I'm glad you had a good time!! :) I've never been to Florida (well, except for a layover on the way to Costa Rica, and I never stepped foot out of the airport).

    Oh, and I bet you'd look cute in braids. I love braids!

  2. How fun!! What a lovely treat away from a Canadian winter!!

  3. I can imagine the difference of mood would feel huge when weather shifts so drastically!!
    Happy safe return home to you all : )


  4. Welcome home! Now that sounds funny since I don't live anywhere near you, but I'm still glad to see you back. My parents used to have a place in Florida, and a winter break with them always revived me. I remember thinking, "How do people survive who don't get time away in Florida during the winter?" even though I do like winter. Now, I know. Although, this winter has been too mild. I like to need a bit of Florida. Rambling. . . looks like fun. . . happy #6 to that energetic looking boy. Love the pic!

  5. funny story of you all running to the car tara! happy birthday to your crazy boy! cool that he and indy share a birthday. : ) thanks for your note.. xoxo


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