Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Summer Soap Kitchen

My soap kitchen has been busy this summer and promises to continue being busy through the fall.  Here's a little look at the soapy goodness I have been creating.

Blue Clay Soap

Blue Clay soap contains shea butter, rice bran oil and, of course, blue clay.   I designed this soap specifically as a facial soap.   Blue Clay is efficient in absorbing excess oils and removing harmful toxins from the skin. Due to its potent purification properties, it is beneficial to oily and other problematic skin types. Rice bran oil promotes collagen formation and is easily absorbed into the skin with no greasy residue. Shea butter is rich in fatty acids which are needed to retain skin moisture and elasticity.  Honestly, this is the first soap I have ever been able to use on my face without it feeling dry, tight and "stretched".  There.  The horn tooting stops now.

Choco Mint Soap

The next soap was inspired by afternoon chats over coffee with a good friend.

Java Love Soap

Java Love is scented with coffee, vanilla and chocolate fragrance oils.

Chai Soap

I have recently fallen in love with shampoo soaps.

Lemon Squeezy Shampoo Soap

Lemon Squeezy Shampoo soap is scented with lemon and peppermint essential oils.  Instead of water, I used a rosemary herbal tea made with my own rosemary.  I was surprised with the interest shown in shampoo soap.  I currently have a second shampoo soap curing made with beer and scented with rosemary and peppermint essential oils.

Tiger Tail Soap
Tiger Tail Soap is scented with anise star and sweet orange essential oils.  When Mike smelled it, his first comment was: "Hmm, smells like jellybeans."  It is yummy.  The black colour is due to the addition of activated charcoal while the warm orange was obtained by infusing olive oil with paprika.

I recently took the plunge and opened a second Etsy shop devoted to my soaps.  Several of the above soaps can be found there.

Until next time . . .


  1. Adore all your soapy goodness:)

  2. You know, I want to draw your soaps! They are really beautiful. AND I want to try the Blue Clay bar ... at almost 40, I've discovered I have problem skin everything seems so harsh. Let me know if you put it in your shop.

  3. They all look awesome Tara! I love charcoal soap...I've tried it and it's fantastic on your skin.

    Love the names you've given them. :-D

  4. They look gorgeous!! Especially the Java Love soap : I just LOVE coffee and chocolate. I was wondering if you also ship to Europe? Because they would really be wonderful as christmas gifts this year!

  5. heading to your shop :)

  6. your soaps are beautiful and they all make me want to take a bite out of one. have you ever been to the store lush? you would love it.

  7. Hey Tara,

    Great looking soaps. Each soap clearly has its story. Which one of these soaps is closest to your passion--coffee, chocolate, lemon?

    I especially like the Lemon Squeezy Shampoo Soap. That photo captures the rich, lemony essence very well. The Chai Soap looks great too. Any early responses from any of these soaps yet?

    Also, what have you heard about the Etsy shop in terms of its usefulness?

  8. Hi Tara,

    Awesome blog and great pictures of plants, soap and family.

  9. Tara I am so impressed with all of your soap endeavors. What a wonderful little lab you have going there. I love the beauty in the simplicity of your soaps. I will definitely be putting in an order soon.

  10. Oops, just found out you're not shipping to the UK. But I simply must get my hands on some of that blue clay :)

  11. these look and sound amazing
    you should do a red clay one in honor of the bay of fundy:)

  12. Just added your soap Etsy store to my favorites! It all sounds good enough to eat. :)
    x Katherine


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