Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Space of My Own

In the clutter that makes up life with two Lego-obsessed boys and two parents who aren't the best at putting away said clutter, I have managed to carve out a space to call my own.  A space where I can store soaping supplies, cure soap, package soap.  It sounds very utilitarian and it kind of is but it is also more.    Although located in the basement, it has a beautiful sunny window.  Nestled among the buckets of vegetable butters and jars of oils are little bits of things I like to look at although I also like to look at jars of herbal-infused oils.  I thought I would share some of my studio with you.

dried lemon and lime slices

soaps curing
packaged and ready to go
thrift store find.  I'm looking forward to displaying my skin care products on it  at the first show of the season
essential oils
monster-in-progress and my aunt's vintage suitcases
a small collection

The pretty tea cup watercolour is by the talented Char.  Some of her custom artwork can be found here.  I'm hoping to pick up another one the next time I see her.  (Hint, hint, Char.)

So there you have it.  A peek into the place where I spend the part of the day not spent with the boys.  I think it's important to have a space, if not a room, of one's own.  How about you?  Do you have your own space?  If so, what do you do there?


  1. So important to have a space of your own. Enjoyed looking around yours and am so happy to have discovered your blog!

  2. PS I love your little monster in progress too!

  3. Very cool space!! Yes, I totally agree that having a space of your own is important. I currently have my sewing room...though for how much longer I'm not sure. My boys are getting up there in age and have been starting to ask for their own rooms...and rightly so. Sigh...

  4. Okay, I'm sitting in my closet. Thankfully, there's room for a desk in front of the window, even though I'm surrounded by our clothes. But, this is my space. There's a door! Big plus:) I want to paint the bit of wall a soothing aqua because it's blah beige like when we bought the house. All the other walls have been painted--time for my space, don't ya think?!
    I ADORE seeing your space. We have a couple windows in our basement (Barbie Land) that make a huge difference. Also, we have the same metal shelves as you do!! You've got style and creativity and I love seeing a peek at the behind-the-scenes. Oh, and that artwork! Have to check it out.

  5. looks like you have carved out a wonderful little spot of your own, to make your fantastic soaps and other creations. more and more i am wishing i had some sort of studio, even a workable corner i could use. someday, maybe.

  6. Thanks for the sneak peek of your soap zone. Looks like a wonderfully creative space...just imagine the beading masterpieces we could come up with in there!! tee hee

  7. LOVING that little wicker shelf!! I do have my own crafty space, but at the moment it has descended into a cluttered mess! I know I will get round to cleaning it up one day soon...I hope!

  8. looks like a wonderful, fragrant place to work

  9. Good for you!!! I can't wait until we can fix our garage enough to finally have a space of my own. Well not just mine, but more spacious shared area . . . And then someday, truly have a sunny work room!!I Bet your basement smells wonderful !!!! Happy soaping . . .

  10. I love peeking at others'spaces for making and inspiring. My making space is in the basement too! I love your crocheted stone!

  11. i need a space bad. yours is lovely. i would like to hang around soaps curing and essential oils. did i ever tell you michael and i took a whirl at making our skincare? we even had a trunk show at henri bendels on fifth ave. i think you are doing it the right way though. we never even got paid buy bendels for the creams we sold. we also realized after that show that it would be too much for the two of us to produce enough product to sell retail.


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