Monday, March 5, 2012

Each Day

I am a positive person and since I became a mother, I think I have taken an even more positive outlook on life -- an "enjoy the moment" outlook, you might say.  For example, there will always be dishes to wash but a  little boy may not always want to read a book with me.   There may be numerous household expenses, some yet to be known, but I have my two boys and husband, a beautifully worn home and food on the table.  But it wasn't until this morning, when  Margie shared this video, that I realized how much I had been taking for granted.

It was the words ( to paraphrase) "live each day as if it were your first and your last" that really struck home with me.  Everyone has heard something similar -- live each day as if it were your last -- but those words never really rang true with me.  For me, they implied jumping out of a plane or some other such activity for which I have no desire to experience.  I like to live simply and quietly so why, on the last day, would I want to live differently?  But to live each day as if it were your first and last?  Well, that is to live quietly and simply but with your eyes open.  Taking it all in as it is given to you.  That's something I could use a little more of.

The boys watched some of the video with me, mostly the time-lapse photography.  They weren't too interested in listening to the words.  A part of me wanted to tell them, "Hey, this is what he's saying . . ." and then I thought, maybe I don't need to tell them.  Maybe that is how kids live each day anyways.  And rather than telling them what was meant, they can see me living each day like that as well.


  1. Beautiful video... beautiful message. Thank you for sharing!! xo Jen

  2. I love this!!! I feel this!!! And thank you for the moment to take a breath and continue my day : )

  3. ohhh... that was so beautiful and worth the 10 minutes to watch. i have to share this too.

  4. Stunning. What pictures and thoughts. And your takeaway is so good.
    Those TED talks sure offer a wealth—I'd just appreciated Susan Cain's The Power of Introverts yesterday. Glad you shared this one!


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