Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All to Ourselves

This year, I find I am not mentally prepared for the oncoming winter.  Maybe the mild fall which has continued into November hasn't helped but I have witnessed the foreshadowing of winter.  As a result, I find I am taking advantage of such days whenever we can.  Yesterday, Quinn and I made a trek to a local conservation area.  I am not exaggerating when I say that, aside from a few staff members, we were the only people there.  We had the whole place to ourselves.

The dark corners of the play barn seemed a little darker yesterday, without other children running around.  Quinn: "I'm a little sad there are no other children."  That didn't stop him from enjoying the zip line.

We enjoyed getting up close (but behind enclosures) with the various birds of the raptor centre who are there for rehabilitation.  I had an interesting encounter with a bald eagle who took an instant dislike to me.  Without getting into details, those birds can be intimidating.  Quinn told me to stop doing whatever it was I was doing to upset the bird but I swear, I wasn't doing anything.  I can still feel its eyes staring at me, as it moved closer to the barrier.  A little unnerving but amazing to be in its presence.

More exploring . . .

Many wishes for November days spent exploring.


  1. gorgeous pics tara! i'm sure the eagle just felt scared. if it got to know you it would like you. : )

  2. i have always wanted to zipline! what fun you had. i am jealous :)

  3. Great pics Tara! Love the Canadian Pacific train...haven't seen one of those in many years! :-)

  4. I like that idea of November days spent exploring. I'm not ready for winter this year (and I'm a fan), but I think it's because it stole quite a bit of our spring last year. Guess I like things to be fair according to calendar. Ha. Don't know when that will happen. Of course, I happily took our beautiful day today despite it being November.
    That Quinn is a cutie! Oh, and birds can be intimidating. Love them from a distance, but up close I think of the Hitchcock's The Birds too much.

  5. what a cool place to explore use the two of you, although i suppose that sometimes can be a bit eerie too. glad you are doing some exploring while the weather allows it - and those last moss photos are amazing!

  6. beautiful pictures
    would have like to have seen the eagle but the Percheron are so peaceful

  7. Where is this? I had no idea you could see birds like that so close to home. Looks like you guys had fun. My kid isn't as much a fan of other kids, so he'd have been happy to have the place to himself. Glad you got out to enjoy the day. It was beautiful yesterday. xo

  8. It sounds like you had a lovely day.



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