Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lighting the Quiet Moments

The last couple of months have been busy, wonderfully busy but busy.  Then came my two favourite days of the year -- the anticipation of Christmas Eve followed by a chaotic Christmas morning and a peaceful Christmas day and  evening.

Now the year is winding down.  As we prepare for a new year, I realize just how much I enjoy the last week of the old year.  I enjoy the lack of schedule to our days while at the same time returning to a slower rhythm.  Late, slow mornings spent enjoying an extra cup of coffee and another chapter in my book.  A mug of tea and knitting in the evening.  Moments of making throughout the day for no other reason than the making itself.

Several weeks ago, inspired by the shorter days and longer nights, the idea to make a simple beeswax candle popped into my head.  So while I prepared for the holidays, this idea was in the back of my mind.  What will I use for a mold?  How big should I make the candle?  A couple of days ago, armed with beeswax and an idea, I made myself a little candle.


A candle in a cup with which to light the winding down moments of my year.  I hope a little light is shining on you all as you say good bye to one year and welcome another.


  1. What a lovely and reflective post. I'm enjoying the holiday time as well and my Christmas was one of the most relaxing ones I've had in a long time. You are making me appreciate the wind down of 2011.


  2. a beautiful rhythm to your words, Tara. i'm planning on savouring these last few days of the year and the first few of the new too. thanks for warming my evening with the light of your candle - now i must go light some of mine!

  3. I truly enjoy your posts. Often, your words mirror my thoughts, but I could never hope to express myself as well. Thank you for sharing.

  4. they are so lovely Tara!
    and thanks for this post, it put me in the right mood today!!!!
    Have a wonderful 2012!!!!!

  5. beautiful tara! thank you for sharing your peaceful thoughts and candle. hmmm... i think i'm foreseeing some expansion to your soap making enterprises in 2012. that is a beautiful candle you made.

  6. Lovely post Tara!! And i love your candle!!

    Happy New Year to you!!

  7. What a beautiful New Year's wish. There is something so lovely and ethereal about candlelight, isn't there? I hope 2012 is a blessed one for you too :)

  8. As always, I love your beautilful posts . . .
    Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!!

  9. How lovely! The light and your words bring such beauty. I came here, unaware I'd missed this post, to link to you for suggesting I share Megan's calendar during the year. I smiled when I saw the word slow mentioned:) The post I'm working on is about that being my word for this coming year! I love how things always seem to connect:)
    Many Blessings and Smiles to you and yours for 2012!

  10. Oh~I think you have a new banner?! Looks great! I have Megan to thank for mine. I guess it's a new banner time of year.


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