Monday, April 2, 2012

A Peek at my Table

Last Friday, I did my first craft show of the year.  I thought I would show a few photos of my display.

Before Christmas, I noticed at busy shows that my soaps were getting a little man-handled.  The brown paper packaging was my attempt to protect the soap but I actually really like the look.  The brown paper is the perfect background for the bird stamp.  When possible, I am recycling/upcycling brown paper.  On top of each soap pile is a little sample, available for smelling.  It should be noted that children love, I mean, love smelling soap.

For months, various friends have recommended placing a little dish of coffee beans on my table as a way to cleanse the sense of smell for those who like to smell all the soaps numerous times before making their decision.  It was a great idea but each show, my table would remain bean-less. . . until last Friday.  maybe I was just waiting for the perfect little blue cup.

My favourite addition to my table is my new chalkboard mirror.  New to me, that is.  The mirror is a $10 find from a local thrift store.  A couple of coats of paint, some chalkboard paint and a little swipe of sandpaper.  (More to come on the process at a later date.)  Have I mentioned how much I love this mirror?  Held up by my vintage suitcases, of course.


  1. Your table display looks fantastic! I hope everything went well for you! Glad to know I got in on the Tea Girl before it was gone.

  2. I love the wrap. Where did you find so much brown paper?

  3. Great,great job. I am loving the chalkboard-even more now that I can see the detail in the frame. It's perfect!

  4. I love this...can't wait to see it in person. And you know, I have a mirror similar to that hanging in my kitchen to keep track of all the items I need to buy. LOVE it.

  5. Love your display!! Hope it was a great success. :-)

    I'm finally back and trying to catch up on blogs and blogging!!

    Have a great weekend Tara!

  6. Looks great! That chalkboard is the best. Wish I could visit in person.

  7. wow this is great! i love your style tara. great find and you're sooo crafty! i love it! super inspiring.


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