Monday, December 12, 2011

By the Light of a New Tradition

A new family tradition began yesterday.  It's funny how sometimes you know you have started a family tradition right from the first time it happens.

Before the boys were born, we made the decision to have a real tree each Christmas.  I love that each Christmas, even though the ornaments remain the same, the tree is unique.  We have since bought our trees from local tree lots.  Often the trip to get the tree has been squeezed in between other activities with some kind of dead line looming.  Often a little rushed.  One such trip found us out one cold, cold evening with me four months pregnant.  man, it was cold and when we arrived home, we realized that we had chosen an extremely small tree. I was taller than the tree by several inches.  We received more than a little friendly jibbing from family members that year.  Since men do not always take kindly to being associated with small things, our trees since that little one have not lacked in size.  This year's is no difference.  It's huge.  Anyways, back to yesterday.

Instead of our typical rushed tree trip, we decided to carve out a little more time in our weekend and do it properly.  Off we went for a drive out to a local tree farm to cut our own tree.  The boys loved it.  Walking to the field, choosing the perfect tree, helping daddy drag the tree to the car and hot chocolate.    By bedtime last night, our tree was fully decorated.  Some branches may be more fully decorated than others but that's what makes each Christmas tree unique.

I love the light of a Christmas tree.  From the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I go to bed each night, our tree remains lit.


  1. yes, I leave the lights on all day (except when leaving). An un-lit tree is just not the same. Yours looks very nice btw :)

  2. Beautiful tradition...and yes sometimes you just know - from the get go.

    We love our tradition for getting our tree too. Makes the season so much more magical when you go and hand pick it amongst so many others, cut it down yourself, drag it home. Just like the good ol' days. :)

    Oh...our tree is lit from the time we wake until we go to bed too. Couldn't imagine EVER turning it off while I was still awake. xo

  3. It's one of our favorite traditions, too. Except for that one year we got a tree with a really crooked trunk. I joke that my husband wanted to toss one of us –- the tree or me –- through the window, but he couldn't decide which one he was more frustrated with. The moral of the story is either find trees with straight trunks or buy a really good, heavy tree stand, because honestly, I think he was ready to pick me. ;-)

  4. sounds like a beautiful new tradition. i remember many years of hiking through the woods in search of a tree with the family (and a few memorable years of hunting for one by boat!), but I've never had a tree on my own (we always go to my folks for Christmas). I think I might need to start my own tradition soon.

  5. it's such a boy thing - size - because even ezra this year on his first (old enough to know what's going on really) trip to the christmas tree lot said he wanted the biggest tree. funny tale your little tree find the year you were pregnant. going to a tree farm is something i've never done but would like to one day for sure. i love christmas trees! and ours is lit morning till night too. we are in a studio right now and ez and i fall asleep with the tree lights on every night.

  6. Hmm. Maybe I now know why we had to have such a big tree:) Yours looks beautiful. Ours is fake, and this was the first year I was tempted to leave the big tree in the box and go get a real one. Maybe next year. You never know when a new tradition might happen!


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