Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Invitation

Lavender scented bubble bars

Busy, busy, busy today as I prepare for another show in two days.

Yesterday the very sweet Michele invited me to be a guest blog at Tierra Verde.  Michele makes beautiful handmade soaps and I feel pretty honoured that she invited me into her space.  Thanks, Michele.


  1. Awww,you are welcome any time Tara,so glad to have you over to my blog.

  2. I love your presentation. It's perfect.

  3. I'm excited to go visit! I want to borrow you too:) Seriously, a sun tea post? I don't ever fix it--and it'd be perfect for summer. We can chat more in a couple weeks.
    Until then, I'm dreaming of lavender bubble bars. I just learned of bubble bars in April! Hooked.

  4. I always love the way you present your soap . . . So neat!!! And by the way you are totally deserving of doing a guest post, I love your blog : )

  5. Hi Tara,

    I am another fan drawn to your blog from Tierra Verde Handmade Soap. I am a regular reader and follower of Michele's engaging and very personal soap blog.

    It was very helpful and good timing to read your your blog on getting ready for your first craft show, as my wife, Leslie--who makes our handcrafted soaps, and I are considering being a vendor at a Farmer's Market. We just started our business last September, and we have been going back and forth about outdoor shows, and a Farmer's Market in particular. Now that you have three shows under your belt, how has your confidence level changed? Was it a good setting for you at these shows to talk with others and take in valuable input for your soap-making?

    Congratulations on your soap packaging! We are also avid readers, so using covers from older, well-worn books, resonated with me. I really like the look!

    I hope you have a great experience at your next show.

    Thank you for your guest blog!

  6. Tara, I am so proud of you!
    What nice comments you are getting from everyone.
    You deserve it. Good luck Saturday. Hopefully see you there!


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